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Articles and Features



 Book Cover Artwork for "Jean-Luc Nancy: Walking among the philosophers" by Irving Goh, Fordham Uni Press (Watch Over Us)


  Vulva Magazine, (Artist Feature)

  Art Squat Publication, (Artist Interview)

  Album Artwork for Crossroad Copeland, Montreal, Canada ( Face from Around the Corner 4)


  Artists Magazine "Perspective, The Measure of all Things" by John Roman , USA (Artist Feature)

  Ewers Brothers Productions  Artworks to be featured in a PBS documentary on mental health issues in the US. 

  Book Cover Artwork for "Thinking of Loneliness: Essays on social life" by Diane Enns, Bloomsbury Publ. UK (Frozen in Time)

  Book Cover Artwork for Rome and America;Communities of Strangers, Spectacles of Estrangement By Dean Hammer, Cambridge University Press (Passing Through)

  Book Cover Artwork for 2035-15 years with Corona by Hansjoachim Bernt, HJB Publ. (Nowhere to Go)

  Book Cover Artwork for "Meeting in Bascarsija" by Sadik Yalsizucanlar, Profil Kitap Publ. Istanbul (Just Looking)

  Book Cover Artwork for "I lost my Future, It is void" by Sema Karabiyik, Profil Kitap Publ. Istanbul (Non Conformist)



  Album Artwork for Among The Rest , USA ( The Edge)

  Book Cover Artwork for "Judgement Day" by Fawwaz Haddad, Riad El-Rayyes Books, Iran (Among Strangers) 

  Book Cover Artwork for "Ten Days in the Insane Hospital" by Nelly Play, FAA Publ. House/Sparks Books, Kuwait. (Looking Back)


  Rio Brazil Conference Brochure, Insight Inteligencia/ANO XXIII NO 91 ISSN 1517-6940, Neolibe-Ralissmo  (Artist Feature)

  Book Cover Artwork for "It's not Personal" by Nigel Pantling, Smith/Doorstop Publ. (Non Conformist)

  The Flux Review  Arts, Culture and Lifestyle Publication. (Artist Interview)

  Artwork for the stage set of 'Perry Street', MCC Theatre, New York, USA

  Album Artwork for Loviatar, Canada (Road to Destruction)

  Album Artwork for Hess, Huntley and Brown USA (End of the Line)


  Book Cover Artwork for "Niepokoj", by Sebatian Bresnaka, Poland


  Album Artwork for HoneyTruck, Germany (Non-Conformist)

  The Scores, Literary Publication, Scotland. (Artist Feature)


  On Art and Aesthetics,  (Artist Feature)

  Album Artwork for Limberlost, USA (Among Strangers)

  Album Artwork for Shallov tour, Bratislava (Decision)


  Hasta, St Andrews, Scotland. Art History Publication

  A Meditation on Place, SeeMe Publication/digital exhibition at Scope Miami 2015 (Non-Conformist) 



  5th Annual Exposure Photography Award, Finalist, SeeMe Publication (In our Absence)

  Dark. Online website, (Artist Interview)

  The Review Review, on SER publication, USA  (Artist Feature)

  Tumblr-Radar . 'Together we are Many' (Artist Feature)

  Art and Beyond, Art publication.USA 'Celebration of Arts 2013. P Filzmaier GIGAS (Artist Feature)


  The Southeast Review, Vol 32.1, USA . Intertwined Existence  (Artist Feature)

  The Year in Review 2013, Tumblr website, 'Looking Back' (Artist Feature)

  The Ground Magazine (Artist Feature)

   Lungfull Magazine 21,Literary Publication. Artist Feature)

   Jenren Art, Art curated website (Artist Feature) 

   Oh Parasite website  (Artist Feature) 

   FAD Art Website #68 (Artist Feature) 

   Artslant Showcase Winner in Juried Contest 

   DeviantArt (Artist Interview) by Jennifer Hansen



  Bus-Tops Arts Project, Arts Council ( Artist Feature)

  Wandsworth Guardian. London. ''Bus Tops artworks light up bus shelters".

  Album Artwork for Haluzoviristika, Slovakia (Passing Through)

  ArtsTap Online Publication , Selected as Top 5 Artist for November 2012  


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