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Aug 2020                           The Flux Review  Arts, Culture and Lifestyle Publication. (Artist Interview)

                                          Artwork for the stage set of 'Perry Street' play, MCC Theatre, New York, USA

                                          Album art for Loviatar, Canada (Road to Destruction)

2019                                  Book Cover Artwork for "Niepokoj", by Sebatian Bresnaka, Poland

2018                                  Album Artwork for HoneyTruck, Germany (Non-Conformist)

                                          The Scores, Literary Publication, Scotland. (Artist Feature)

2017                                  On Art and Aesthetics,  Artist Feature

                                          Album Artwork for Limberlost, USA (Among Strangers)

                                          Album Artwork for Shallov tour, Bratislava (Decision)

2015                                  A Meditation on Place, SeeMe Publication/digital exhibition at Scope Miami 2015 (Non-Conformist) 


2014                                  5th Annual Exposure Photography Award, Finalist, SeeMe Publication (In our Absence)

                                          Dark. Online website, (Artist Interview)

                                          The Review Review, on SER publication, USA  (Artist Feature)

                                          Tumblr-Radar . 'Together we are Many' (Artist Feature)

                                          Art and Beyond, Art publication. USA 'Celebration of Arts 2013 by Peter Filzmaier GIGAS (Artist Feature)

2013                                  The Southeast Review, Vol 32.1, USA . Intertwined Existence  (Artist Feature)

                                          The Year in Review 2013, Tumblr website, 'Looking Back' (Artist Feature)

​                                          The Ground Magazine (Artist Feature)

                                          Lungfull Magazine 21,Literary Publication. 316 23rd Street Brooklyn, NewYork 11215  (Artist Feature)

                                         Jenren Art, Art curated website (Artist Feature) 

                                          Oh Parasite website  (Artist Feature) 

                                          FAD Art Website #68 (Artist Feature) 

                                          Daily Deviation Award, DeviantArt (2013-10-04 Decision Featured by deshrubber )

                                          Artslant Showcase Winner in Juried Contest 

                                          DeviantArt (Artist Interview) by Jennifer Hansen


2012                                  Bus-Tops Arts Project ( Artist Feature)

                                          Wandsworth Guardian. London. ''Bus Tops artworks light up bus shelters"


​London 2012 Artists taking the lead. Artists taking the lead is the UK Arts Councils' flagship project for the London 2012 Cultural Olympiad. Twelve extraordinary public art commissions are being created across the country, one in each nation and region of the UK, to help celebrate the London 2012 Olympic  and Paralympic Games. Bus-Tops is a collaborative public art installation across 20 London boroughs. There are 30 red and black LED screens dotted around London, on the roofs of bus shelters.The Bus-Tops project is one of 12 commissions across the UK forming part of Artists Taking the Lead, a programme funded by Arts Council England for the London 2012 Cultural Olympiad..

                                         Album Artwork for Haluzoviristika, Slovakia (Passing Through)

                                     ArtsTap Online Publication , Selected as Top 5 Artist for November 2012 

                                        1st Place in Urban people Juried Contest (Fine Art America)

                                        1st Place in E-book Economy Society Contest (Fine Art America)

                                        1st Place in Art Inspired by Mental Illness Contest (Fine Art America)

                                        Daily Art Show Fine Art Studio Online 

                                     Selected for Daily Art Show on FineArtStudioOnline FASO Staff Picks on 9/27/202   

This article points to recent artwork featured on the FASO Daily Art Show. For this round of Staff Picks we had three staff members select images that have been featured on the FASO Daily Art Show. We at FineArtViews encourage you to learn more about these artists:​Passing Through by artist ​Lesley Oldaker -- selected by Carrie Turner (Oil on Canvas)

​​Brian Sherwen    I enjoy Carrie's pick... Passing Through by artist Lesley Oldaker. It is haunting.

                                         Daily Deviation Award on DeviantArt​

                                         (2012-09-23 Passing Through(Suggested by*TinyWild and Featured by ^SamuelRaffa)​ 


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