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I am a visual artist, based in the UK and I have exhibited my work in the UK, USA, Switzerland, Slovakia, Ireland, Italy, France, Sweden, India and China. I have my work in private and corporate collections around the world.

 My work observes modern day society and explores through painting, our complex relationships, transient nature and purpose within random moving figurative groups and our interactions within the space around us. 

Inspiration and ideas evolve from events seen in the media and in society generally that evoke strong emotional responses in me. By further exploring and expressing these responses to current social conditions within the work, my creative voice starts to appear.

Perceptive observations of human behaviour, together with my own personal experiences, further enhance the emotive narratives of my paintings and often communicates a common sense of displacement, a question of belonging and relevance within our shared urban environments.

My process originates from drawing, photographic and observational studies of large public spaces where there is a continual sense of movement within the urban landscape.  These studies enable me to abstract the essence of emotion, form, space and colour for the paintings.
Painterly mark making and a limited colour pallet helps evoke a further suggestion of mood and place, encouraging the viewer to personally explore and interpret the painting.


CV                                              Born in UK 


Represented by                         Cotswold Contemporary Gallery, Cirencester, UK

                                                    Chimera Gallery, Mullingar, Ireland

                                                    Hope Gallery, Hebden Bridge, Yorkshire, UK

                                                    Great Banyan Art Co., New Delhi, India


                                                    Member of ArtCan


2020                                            Holly Bush Painting Prize 2020. London (Finalist)               

2018                                            Bath Open Art Prize.  (Peoples Choice)

2016                                            Winter Pride Art Award. London (Runner-Up)

2013                                            Full invited Artist Residency at Da Wang Cultural Highland, Shenzhen, China

2012-2017                                  Higher Diploma Fine Art Painting (OCA / University of the Creative Arts, UK)
2011                                           Foundation Diploma in Art and Design, Bath College/UAL, Bath, UK  ​(Distinction)

​2011-1204                                  Life art lessons under artist Alex Zwalen (​

2006-2011                                  Life art lessons under artist Jackie Harding (

2004-2006                                  OCN art courses in painting and drawing

1991                                           FIMLS Medical Biochemistry

​​                                                   You can contact me at

                                                    and find me on any of the links below














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